About Us

Future Industries Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top manufacturers of Material Handling Equipment and Storage solutions in India.

We deal in standard as well as tailor-made offerings and are a sought-after brand domestically and internationally. Besides being situated in the manufacturing hub of India, we have many more advantages in our favour. Our in-house design team and latest technology come together to deliver ace products to our customers. Cement, Chemical, Paper, pharmaceutical, automobile and many other industries use our gear to better their logistics.

A large part of our success is due to our strong value system. We function on principles of:Transparency, Trust, Equality, Stability, Effective Communication and Teamwork.


  • To adhere to uncompromised quality measures at every stage
  • To constantly innovate and update
  • Customer Satisfaction is to be our priority


  • We are committed to consistently offer world-class material handling solutions at the best price along with excellent service.

Our Ongoing Journey

Future Industries Pvt. Ltd. began writing its success story in 2009 and established its factory for manufacturing structure, steel and precision press parts. Our small step turned out to be a big business idea and we soon ventured into manufacturing in-plant material handling equipment and storage solutions.

In 2010 we forayed into international market and marked our presence in countries like USA and UAE. The same year gave us tremendous growth and we expanded our manufacturing capacity and resources. Since then there has been no looking back and with our dedication to quality and customer service we have grown leaps and bounds. In 2017, Future Industries became a million-dollar company with over fifty employees.

We believe that success has no boundaries and hence we want to better ourselves each day to reach a new height every year. It is our goal to stick to our ethos, scale up our operations and be a part of top fifty companies globally.

Our Team

Mr. Ramesh Panchal and Mr. Ashok Panchal started their stride towards making their dream true in 2009, and established Future industries Pvt. Ltd. The duo's fifteen years' experience and perseverance has rapidly boosted our company's revenue and image. Their customer centric approach has made them keenly look at each client specification in detail and it is due to them that we are a wellknown name in the customized product segment. Their foresight, ethics and consistent effort has made us a renowned firm in material handling and storage solution segment.

Founder Partners

Mr. Ramesh Panchal
Mr. Ramesh Panchal
Mr. Ashok Panchal
Mr. Ashok Panchal

Product Development & Manufacturing

To streamline operations and to improve production efficiency manufacturing sector relies heavily on material handling apparatus. It is a must for us to add value to our clients and we always understand specific business requirement of every customer in great detail. This information is then processed by our team to generate unique concepts, which will greatly benefit transport, storage and distribution systems of our patrons.

Design is a vital aspect of MHE industry and we have an in-house Research and Development department that works tirelessly to advance and augment our product portfolio.

Our dedicated R&D team merges the concept of value-addition with science to deliver a feasible design. Life is then given to our designs and we come up with prototypes which will give a glimpse of upgraded future logistics. With client's feedback the prototypes are reviewed and we better them to match the exact demand. Once the model is approved, we go in for production.

We have no tolerance for low quality; hence, we make sure that our technology is modern, precise, and along with our efficient staff we guarantee that there are zero defects while going in for large-scale production.

Our Office

An employee friendly office supports a progressive work culture. It is imperative that the work place is conducive for generating quality output and to achieve desired results.

At Future Industries Pvt. Ltd., we ascertain comfortable workspace, friendly ambience, good equipment, proper storage facility and efficient software for each of our staff member.

Our Factory

Today, Future Industries boasts of a grand 55,000 square feet state -of-the- art manufacturing plant. Furnished with up-to-date machinery, we can easily cater to small customized solutions as well as mass production for big orders.

Our premises is set up in such a way that every aspect of supply chain, right from raw material storage to final dispatch is well synchronized for flawless execution.

Why Future Industries

On Time

A good product loses its charm if not given on time. We understand this and use the best to ship our equipment on schedule.

At Future Industries, we use one of the finest ERP systems to accurately track manufacturing, dispatch and delivery of products. Moreover, our operations team is on top of the entire process and they make sure that our time commitment with our clients is always met.

Best Service

We don't stop once the goods are delivered; it is our exceptional aftersale service that delights our customers.

We promise quick response to all your queries and complaints. Be it training of your new equipment, annual maintenance, repair, on- call problem solving or anything else that will enhance your operations, is our service team's KRA.

Efficient Cost Management

Profitability demands that a firm should operate at lowest possible cost. At Future Industries Pvt. Ltd. various measures have been taken to achieve this. Our designs are detailed and they ensure that the output is maximized while simultaneously minimizing the wastage. We are proud of our production team who has efficiently reduced inventory carrying cost and direct material cost. They have also incorporated systems in place which have eliminated non-value adding processes and controlled manufacturing overheads to leverage automation for optimizing production capacity.