Car Lift


Lifting and moving cars is an easy task with The Car Lift. It is made of heavy duty Scissor Structure operated by electro-hydraulic power-pack and cylinders.


  • The Scissor Car Lift's main part is scissor arms which are made from MS Pipes (Grade- YST240/YST310). 
  • The top platform and Bottom frame are made from MS Channel, Sheet, Angles, and Pipes. 
  • Scissor Joining Pins are processed through carburizing, hardening, and grinding. These processes make them durable for life. 
  • Gunmetal Bushes are used at scissor joints for smooth and silent operation.
  • Grease nipples are also provided on pins for smoothening the operation.

Hydraulic Cylinders    

  • Hydraulic Cylinders are inclined mounted with an appropriate rod, bore, and stroke size as per capacity requirements.
  • High strength steel piston rod is precision ground and hard chrome plated to ensure anti-corrosive and durability of seal.
  • Seamless Honed Tubes (Steel) to a micro-finish are used to ensure long piston seal life and prevent failure of the cylinder."

Railing: Two, three or four side railings are provided as per user requirements.

Paint: Entire structure shall be powder coated or PU finish painted. 

Flap: Flaps can be provided to bridge the gap between car lift and loading vehicle/ floor. The no. and operation (Manual or Hydraulic) of flaps are as per customer requirement. 

Power Pack & Accessory: AC Power Pack with three phase induction motor, Gear Pump, Cartridge solenoid valve, Pressure relief valve, Flow control valve, Check valve, Suction filter with hydraulic hose pipe and fittings.

Motor Make: ABB/ Bharat Bijlee/ Crompton/ Rotomotive (This makes of motor as per routine however in case of non-availability of this makes we may use other standard make.)

Panel Board: An Electrical Panel is provided for safe operation and motor protection. An overload relay, contactor, MCB, SMPS, PRA Relay, Limit Switch etc. are used.

Standard Features:

  • Ease of operation
  • Robust design
  • Platform railing and kick plates
  • Remote control (if required)
  • Low noise
  • PRV, NRV, Hose Burst Valve
  • Over travel limit switch

Optional Features

  • Collapsible / Auto Doors
  • Electro – mechanical landing door interlock
  • Platform underside skirt
  • Motorized Drive System for Movable Type Car Lift
  • Platform toe sensor / Safety light curtain